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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ASP.Net Web API with Angular.js front-end example

I wanted to learn about Microsoft ASP.Net Web API and how I could use Angular.js framework as a front-end. I built a little application that demonstrates the basics.

This app was heavily influenced by this tutorial (especially parts 3-5), and this book's chapter on Web API.

The code is available on Github here.

The project has two controllers: HomeController and RecordController. HomeController is the ASP.Net MVC controller while RecordController deals with Web API. The Web API data infrastructure is in /Models folder. The script file is in /Scripts/Home/record.js. One last thing I need is a view, so there is a view RecordsApi.cshtml under /Views/Home

The view has all the regular angular directives. It uses /Scripts/Home/records.js file which has all the Angular.js stuff. I use $http service to communicate with the server.

In short, ajax calls are replaced with calls to the corresponding methods of Angular's $http service. The view is created as usual, API controller is the same as it would be for a regular Web API service, and models are done in the same way. The only difference you need to make if you want Angular.js front-end is to introduce angular script in the view and put all the directives in place.

Comments/questions are welcome.


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