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Friday, March 16, 2012

Scanning computer with Clam antivirus using System Rescue CD

System Rescue CD (SRCD) has recently become a very important tool in my IT specialist toolbox. Not only this is a live Linux CD with all the goodies (such as gparted, Windows registry editor and so on), it also packs some command-line tools, such as the NTPASSWD utility, or a utility to edit the master boot record on a hard drive.  This post will describe the process of scanning a drive for viruses using Clam Anti-Virus.

1. Boot into SRCD, option 1.
2. Enter (for default keyboard time)v
3. Net-setup eth0 , press Enter
4. Yes
5. 2 (Wired)
6. 1 (DHCP)
7. ifconfig (to check for an ip address)
8. freshclam (this command pulls the updated virus definitons from the server)
9. fdisk -l (that is an L)
10. ntfs3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows
11. clamscan (--help)
12. clamscan -r /mnt/windows

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